Skomer fieldwork on puffins

I did my annual puffin migration fieldwork on Skomer end of June-early July 2019. It was a successful week, with 12 loggers retrieved and replaced, which will tell us where the birds have spent the last year or two, adding to our nearly 10-year-long dataset. I was pleased to recapture two birds I first tagged at the start of my PhD in 2012!

In the last two days I had the pleasure to meet French photographer and puffin lover Laurent Echenoz, who I will help with producing a beautiful art book on puffins (in French and English). It was also fun to have a team from National Geographic come and film my work for two days – watch this space for the resulting video clip!

The evenings were particularly busy puffin-wise, with thousands of birds flying around the research station – see these video clips to get an idea!

Puffin chick, ready to fledge! Photo: Olivia Norris
Puffin chick, ready to fledge! Photo: Olivia Norris

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